1st Gov Dot Inter-Municipality Basketball Tournament (Under 25 Category) Championship


(How The 1st Gov. Dot-dot Basketball Tournament Ended With A Bang)

It was a night to remember.


Trailed behind Team Level-Up of Compostela by as many as 19 points since the first quarter of the game, Move Mabini displayed the classic “thrill of the chase” experiences both by the players and to the audiences, regardless of whose side they were favoring, and ended the game with breathtaking seconds-to-play highlights before the final buzzer sounded to close the most exciting and exhilarating game of the year for Davao de Oro.

Compostela won against the visiting Mabini, 102-100.

The sounds and sights were mind-blowing even before the game started. Hosted by Compostela, the 3, 000-seater gymnasium housed the estimated crowd of 5,000, more or less although it maybe more, expectators from as far as Mabini, Nabunturan, Montevista, New Bataan, Monkayo, and of course the home-crowd if Compostela which occupied way, way more than half of the total attendance.

From the opening salvo, the crowd was into the game. Fans were relatively divided in cheering on for their preferred team. The tournament management, while it was hard for them to tame down the enthusiasm the game-goers, especially those who were occupying the side lines of both floors, managed to run the game as smoothly and as orderly as possible.

The officiating was fair and square. There were discontent of calls and disagreed with few decisions but the officials did fairly well of their essential tasks.

The players, both of the opposing teams gave their best performances of the night. They never frustrated the audiences who were hoping and expecting to watch a game of their gusto. Play by play, scoring and defending, everyone took their share of the game for their respective teams. Even the coaching staffs, one or the other, were restless toward ensuring that their respective teams deliver the best.

And of course, the presence of Governor Dot-dot, which the tournament named before her office, made the game more vibrant and high-spirited. Alongside her husband, Cong Ruwel and municipal officials of Mabini and Compostela (and Mawab), both the couple showed their profound interest and unparalleled enthusiasm toward sports, especially basketball which Cong Ruwel is an active player himself.

As a whole, the tournament closed successfully. It ended with a bang, that a point eight (0.😎 of a second still provided a time to tie or even won a game if a shot was made from the half-court.

By strong leadership and guidance if the Almighty, Gov Dot-dot remarked, when I personally congratulated her of the success of the tournament, “Salamat doy. Pasalamat gyud ta sa Ginoo kay sukad pagsugod hangtod na human, way aberya”.

Congratulations Team Compostela. You made the town proud and jubilant.

Congratulations Team Mabini. You may have lost the game but you won the hearts of the crowd by providing what it means to have a “thrill of the chase”.

The 1st Governor Dot-dot Basketball Tournament was a three-month long competition participated by all the 11 municipalities of Davao de Oro. It featured 2 categories; 39 y.o.-under and 25 y.o.-under. Games were held from one municipality to another, liking the format with the NBA home and road games. Featured in this article is the 25 y.o.-under category.

Until the 2nd Gov. Dot-dot Basketball Tournaments folks, the chase is on for the grab of the championship trophy.


(Photos CTTO)