In 1950’s Barangay Lagab was a forested area and most of the inhabitants were the mandaya tribes. They called the place ‘LAGABLAB’. The lower land areas were almost submerged into vast of water. The soil is fertile and the lower watery areas are very rich of muddy fishes.

Barangay Lagab was divided into 2 portions, the upper and lower, Upper Lagab is now the Barangay San Jose and the lower part is now the present BARANGAY LAGAB, Barangay Lagab celebrates its Araw ng Barangay every 28th of October each year.

Barangay Lagab was legalized in 1953 during the leadership of Hon. Saturnino Hormigas,Julian Hormigas and Margarita Almilla Escolta. When the natives came into this place they brought the name ‘LAGABLAB’ in this Sitio and later on they change the name into ‘LAGAB’. During 1970’s the 1st primary school was constructed and the 1st teachers are ERLINDA CEZAR and TORRE CAMPO.As a time goes by the natives sold their lands to the Ilongos and exchange it with Sioctong and tresbe some made a barter system until they slowly left the place. In 1972 the 1st church was build and the 1st kaabag are Wilson Hisura And Boy Hersaba in 1974 and 1975 they create the NIA and develop it by means of constructed irrigation to access water to irrigate the land of farmers. In 1985 The Lagab, Elementary School was constructed and the teachers are Mrs. Asis and Elma Putol and the 1st principal of Lagab, Elementary School is Mrs. Gregoria Landa. In the year 1986 earthquake happened and accompanied by El Nino the rice field of the farmers was affected and their production decreased resulting to have economic crisis .

In the year 2012 Compostela Valley experienced typhoon Pablo, the calamity that we didn’t expect to happened, the Compostela Valley is one of the most affected area. The Agriculture, Infrastructure and the Livelihood of the constituents was totally devastated because of this calamity. The constituents of Barangay Lagab and Barangay Officials united, helping each other in order to survived. After the typhoon Pablo year 2013 we experience another typhoon that brings heavy rains that cause our place to flood resulting the rice field of the farmer submerged with water.

Barangay Lagab has a total land area of 957.8413 hectares, consisting of 7 Puroks, having 693 households with a total population of 3,186 based on 2018 survey. It is about 3.1 km. away from Poblacion Compostela.

The Barangay envisioned to improved living conditions for all the constituents and families through accelerated and sustainable growth especially in the agricultural development of which is the barangay’s primary source of livelihood, Health services and pre-school education, marked reduction in criminality and active participation of the barangay folks in governance & other related activities.

The following individuals are part of the history in this barangay and have contributed its development being the Tenyente del barrio and/or barangay captain: 1ST Saturnino Hormigas, 2ND Diosdado Forro, 3RD Melquiades Damasco, 4TH Guillermo Raymundo,5th Elesio Obeja served from 1988-1992 6TH Roland Lomigo, served from 1992-2009, 7TH Abraham Magbanua served from 2009-2013 8TH Salvador Almilla 2013 to present.

The Barangay is headed by Barangay Captain Hon. Salvador L. Almilla for the year 2018 its personnel complement to 63 workers; 9 Barangay Officials, 7 BHW; 1 BNS; 20 TANODS; 10 Lupong Tagapamayapa; 2 DCW; 1 Sr. Citizen Coordinator; 11 Administrative workers; 1 Brgy. Paid Teacher.

Its population as determined by the 2020 Census was 3,183. This represented 3.54% of the total population of Compostela.



The household population of Lagab in the 2015 Census was 2,904 broken down into 640 households or an average of 4.54 members per household.

Census date Household population Number of households Average household size
1,951 373 5.23
2,493 475 5.25
2,332 469 4.97
2,268 460 4.93
2,586 556 4.65
2,904 640 4.54
Population by age group

According to the 2015 Census, the age group with the highest population in Lagab is 5 to 9, with 329 individuals. Conversely, the age group with the lowest population is 70 to 74, with 26 individuals.


Combining age groups together, those aged 14 and below, consisting of the young dependent population which include infants/babies, children and young adolescents/teenagers, make up an aggregate of 33.85% (983). Those aged 15 up to 64, roughly, the economically active population and actual or potential members of the work force, constitute a total of 61.64% (1,790). Finally, old dependent population consisting of the senior citizens, those aged 65 and over, total 4.51% (131) in all.

The computed Age Dependency Ratios mean that among the population of Lagab, there are 55 youth dependents to every 100 of the working age population; there are 7 aged/senior citizens to every 100 of the working population; and overall, there are 62 dependents (young and old-age) to every 100 of the working population.

The median age of 23 indicates that half of the entire population of Lagab are aged less than 23 and the other half are over the age of 23.

Age group Population (2015) Age group percentage
Under 1 73 2.51%
1 to 4 298 10.26%
5 to 9 329 11.33%
10 to 14 283 9.75%
15 to 19 257 8.85%
20 to 24 307 10.57%
25 to 29 272 9.37%
30 to 34 199 6.85%
35 to 39 171 5.89%
40 to 44 162 5.58%
45 to 49 141 4.86%
50 to 54 119 4.10%
55 to 59 95 3.27%
60 to 64 67 2.31%
65 to 69 45 1.55%
70 to 74 26 0.90%
75 to 79 32 1.10%
80 and over 28 0.96%
Total 2,904 100.00%
  • Youth Dependency Ratio: 54.92
  • Old Age Dependency Ratio: 7.32
  • Total Dependency Ratio: 62.24
  • Median Age: 23.45
Historical population

The population of Lagab grew from 1,951 in 1990 to 3,183 in 2020, an increase of 1,232 people over the course of 30 years. The latest census figures in 2020 denote a positive growth rate of 1.95%, or an increase of 279 people, from the previous population of 2,904 in 2015.

Census date Population Growth rate
2,500 4.75%
2,332 -1.48%
2,268 -0.38%
2,586 4.89%
2,904 2.23%
3,183 1.95%

Lagab is situated at approximately 7.6700, 126.0633, in the island of Mindanao. Elevation at these coordinates is estimated at 73.9 meters or 242.5 feet above mean sea level.

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