In June 3, 1952 the name “Maparat “was derived from the taste of the creek located herein. This is the first Barangay to be passed in going to the Poblacion center of Compostela. Were Barangay created, it’s the show window of the Municipality of Compostela, Compostela Valley Province, hence Barangay “Maparat”. Since it is the first Barangay in going to the Municipality. It is bounded at the east of Barangay Bagongon and south of Barangay New Visayas, the north of Barangay Mapaca and the west of Barangay Aurora and Lagab.

During the creation of the barangay, there were only few families who lived in this little community. Among them you can visit the houses of the following:

Victoriano Beron Dominador Pascual
Simplicio Hinampas Salvador Ampayas
Marcos Gabica Bilatog Mangnan
Cirilo Hinampas Valentin Javellana
Severino Lomocso Lino Mamacos
Zacarias Beron Santiago Café
Ambrocio Alda Ambrocio Raut
Beinvinido Lawag Ceferino Soriano
Abrahan Margate Vistel Hinampas
Magno Quno Antonio Fernandes
Patrocenio Caresosa Celedonio Beron Sr.
Honorio Gomez

On the other hand, Barangay Maparat has its leader by then called as Tenyente Del Barrio. In 1952 Mr. Agustin Ayuban served as Tenyente Del Barrio followed by Mr. Severino Lumucso who had served in 1955-1961 while Mr. Patrocenio Caresosa served from 1961 to 1982.

During the time that the Tenyente Del Barrio was called as Barangay Captain, the remaining legacy of the Barangay Maparat was its realization of Public cemetery and materialized the Primary School composed of two (2) Classrooms, who’s the first teacher was Mr. & Mrs. Saavedra.

In that period, Barangay Maparat has only the residents of the natives, families of Hinampas, Beron, and Café. In 1970’s the energization by the Davao Del Norte Electric Cooperatives (DANECO) had existed. The population of Barangay Maparat was increasing due to the company workers of the Expansion of Davao Fruits Corporation (DFC), the banana industry.

In year 1982, Mr. Arturo Fernando Sr. was officially elected as Barangay Captain. It was the beginning where the purok in the council created with designation of Barangay Kagawad to have their representative to assure the proper representation to its constituents. In his administration, the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) had introduces its program to uplift food production particularly the rice farmers, farm roads and farm to market roads was constructed through his initiatives.

In year 1986 to 1992 Mr. Edilberto Florenosos Sr. succeeded the seat as elected Barangay Captain. He continued the Programs, Projects which can give benefits to the constituents of this Barangay. Moreover, through his efforts and with the support of the Council the Barangay Maparat had acquired Barangay site and Relocation site intended for those homeless people containing more or less 7 hectares. He also prioritized the program intended to the farmers, by requesting the NIA to extend its irrigation system in
which the Barangay Maparat will become a highly rice producers in Municipality of Compostela. He initiated the program for preschooler thru installing a Day Care Center and the Construction of Barangay Hall. Improvement and developement of the Barangay roads were introduced.

In year 1994 Mr. Arturo Fernando Sr. had unseated Mr. Edilberto Florenosos Sr. during the Barangay election; again he continued the programs and projects, the erection of Barangay Health Center, Water System and assisted the realization of complete Elementary and High School.

In year 2001, Hon. Marlene Ib-Ib had unseated Hon. Arturo Fernando Sr. during Barangay election. In her administration, due to her initiatives and with the support of the Council they erected the Barangay Mini-Gymnasium under the Budget of
Congressman Manuel Zamora, completed the energization of Purok-2 Maubog, renovated the Barangay Hall, Day Care Center, Health Center and the construction of Multi-purpose pavements in Purok-7 and Purok-2, Maubog. In her administration, they installed water system reservoir in Purok-7, Purok-6 and Purok-1. Acquired relocation site at Purok-5B containing an area of 1 hectare which the beneficiary of seventy (70)

families. Through her efforts and full support of the council, the Barangay Maparat has its own Multi-Cab that catered patients to Hospitals particularly the indigent residents. Maintenance of barangay roads and farm roads was not be a problem, since the Barangay has its own dump truck that responded on this matter and other social services towards the populace. Provided assistance to the DepEd, Elementary and High School in supporting and giving honoraria to local paid teachers. Supervised the operation of Botika Sa Barangay in which supplies of medicines were be always readily available. Bloodletting activity was supported by this administration. Evidenced of which was the Barangay have received a Sandugo award from the Secretary of DOH. But sad to say, on August 14, 2012 she died by a murdered case. The first Councilor Cirilo Beron automatically assumed Punong Barangay within 1 year.

Last October, 2013, Hon Alejo O. Luzano was elected as Punong Barangay during Barangay election; through his administration he wanted a full support with his functionaries for the development and improvement of the Barangay. He has a big plan for the progress of the Barangay Maparat.

Soon Barangay Maparat is one of the progressive Barangays in the Municipality since there is an influx of residents and the potential of barangay to introduce more developments considering that this barangay is the entrance to the center of the Municipality.

Its population as determined by the 2020 Census was 11,281. This represented 12.55% of the total population of Compostela.



The household population of Maparat in the 2015 Census was 4,964 broken down into 1,154 households or an average of 4.30 members per household.

Census date Household population Number of households Average household size
2,268 405 5.60
2,158 425 5.08
2,587 521 4.97
2,404 516 4.66
3,445 764 4.51
4,964 1,154 4.30
Population by age group

According to the 2015 Census, the age group with the highest population in Maparat is 5 to 9, with 610 individuals. Conversely, the age group with the lowest population is 80 and over, with 28 individuals.


Combining age groups together, those aged 14 and below, consisting of the young dependent population which include infants/babies, children and young adolescents/teenagers, make up an aggregate of 36.36% (1,805). Those aged 15 up to 64, roughly, the economically active population and actual or potential members of the work force, constitute a total of 59.73% (2,965). Finally, old dependent population consisting of the senior citizens, those aged 65 and over, total 3.91% (194) in all.

The computed Age Dependency Ratios mean that among the population of Maparat, there are 61 youth dependents to every 100 of the working age population; there are 7 aged/senior citizens to every 100 of the working population; and overall, there are 67 dependents (young and old-age) to every 100 of the working population.

The median age of 23 indicates that half of the entire population of Maparat are aged less than 23 and the other half are over the age of 23.

Age group Population (2015) Age group percentage
Under 1 109 2.20%
1 to 4 477 9.61%
5 to 9 610 12.29%
10 to 14 609 12.27%
15 to 19 455 9.17%
20 to 24 427 8.60%
25 to 29 393 7.92%
30 to 34 335 6.75%
35 to 39 344 6.93%
40 to 44 281 5.66%
45 to 49 251 5.06%
50 to 54 194 3.91%
55 to 59 171 3.44%
60 to 64 114 2.30%
65 to 69 88 1.77%
70 to 74 48 0.97%
75 to 79 30 0.60%
80 and over 28 0.56%
Total 4,964 100.00%
  • Youth Dependency Ratio: 60.88
  • Old Age Dependency Ratio: 6.54
  • Total Dependency Ratio: 67.42
  • Median Age: 22.60
Historical population

The population of Maparat grew from 2,268 in 1990 to 11,281 in 2020, an increase of 9,013 people over the course of 30 years. The latest census figures in 2020 denote a positive growth rate of 18.86%, or an increase of 6,317 people, from the previous population of 4,964 in 2015.

Census date Population Growth rate
2,158 -0.93%
2,587 3.96%
2,404 -1.01%
3,445 13.99%
4,964 7.20%
11,281 18.86%

Maparat is situated at approximately 7.6863, 126.0468, in the island of Mindanao. Elevation at these coordinates is estimated at 82.2 meters or 269.7 feet above mean sea level.

Adjacent barangays

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