Symbolism. The Municipal Official Seal has the following symbol:

The Outermost Circle-Shaped logo design.

The circle-shaped logo symbolizes oneness and unity among all the people of Compostela, regardless of faith, status in life and political affiliation.

The Shining Sun.

Symbolizes divine intervention and blessings for a God-loving society.

The 16 Sun Rays.

Symbolizes the 16 Barangays that comprise the Municipality of Compostela.

The Two-Green Colored Mountains.

Symbolizes the geographical location of the municipality’s vast plains surrounded by mountains and valleys. The green-colored mountains represent the Local Government’s commitment to preserving the natural resources.

The Abstract-Designed Lines with different shapes and figures.

Symbolizes the festive and happy people of Compostela. Symbolizes the indigenous people of Compostela, the Mandayas. Symbolizes as a melting pot of different regional ethnicities with diverse culture.

The Satellite Dish, Building Structures and Gears.

Symbolizesindustrialization, modern technology, and a robust economy.

Old Municipal Seal