Reynaldo or Rey is the eldest child of Ambrosio and Esperanza Castillo. With 8 siblings, Rey is as hard working as his father who toiled their coconut farm in Compostela. He is born to a middle-class family with high regard to education. Yet, he is not fond of Mathematics unlike his other siblings. At first, he wanted to proceed to Medical school but was not permitted by his parents due to financial constraints. So, he proceeded to Law School after college. Law School may have been his second option but he still managed to succeed in his profession.

He then became a lawyer, a high caliber one who wins cases even of notable clients. He is not only sought after by his popularity but as well as for his ability and passion for his profession. He made the notarial services available and fees more affordable for the people. During Cory Aquino’s presidency, he was appointed as the Municipal Mayor for Compostela. He even made himself available and approachable to the public by having his office at the PACCO or PACO, a nipa hut as others would see it. It is not propaganda to show how humble he is but a fact that he opts to serve in the open rather on fancy offices.

He grew up from living the simple life and chose to serve the simple way. So, he ran for the Mayoralty position on the next election period but had lost to his opponent. But it didn’t stop him from continuing his services as a Lawyer, defender of the oppressed. His popularity grew as he practiced his profession. He was able to meet a lot of friends along the way not only through his profession but also in the political arena. It only shows that politics and law is a perfect combination for a public servant with clear intentions and integrity.

On the next election period, he seated as Board Member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan serving not only in Compostela but the whole of District 1. It was a bigger responsibility but he managed to do so because he love what he is doing. He made it sound so easy that he was able to reach even the furthest places of the Province. People would regard him for his charisma but most recognize him for his political will. It can’t be helped that emergencies knock on the most unlikely time of the night yet he is kind enough to wake up and resolve them.

He extended the same services even after he won the Mayoralty position on 2001. For three successful consecutive terms, he proved his intention. It is not merely for power but having the responsibility of being a father to a municipality who deserves better services and quality life. During his term, his SESTA program which is a medical mission every Friday to different barrios, made its mark. People from other municipalities would even seek medical assistance from him. But jurisdiction is not an issue for him as long as he can help even in his little way. Even how well he handled such position, controversies and issues are inevitable. Still, he didn’t waver so is his supporters who believed in him. No matter how much he wanted to continue from service, he had to run for Vice-Mayor position. His constituents have high hopes for the same services from the incumbent mayor. Yet, Mayor Rey remains undisputable. Though he is the Vice-Mayor, people would still call him as the Mayor. It is not always the comfort of calling him but his ability to be such. Even though he is not the Mayor, he still faces challenges in his profession and public service especially when money performs its magic. Others with firm image may shy away when offered with millions of pesos. But he remained true to his conscience even if it involves his political plans.

In the late 2012, the whole of Compostela faced a catastrophic event that left everyone empty handed. The typhoon hit many municipalities and left the people destruction to agriculture, infrastructure, homeless, hungry, jobless, and begging for government support. While other government officials cocooned in their homes to avoid the typhoon effects to their people, he braved the flood not on a speed boat but on his feet. He couldn’t resolve the situation but for the people who saw him, it was enough that he saw their state.

The effects were devastating but he still took the position as the OIC (Officer-In-Charge) Mayor. It is unlikely that an incumbent passes his responsibility yet also a way for the Vice-Mayor to reach out and help his people. Even so, his hands are tied up when it comes to distribution of relief goods, an issue that makes everyone furious about. Nevertheless, he made sure to look after the municipality 7 days a week. It is an act that leaves everyone wanting him to remain in the position. “Pablo” is a testament on who are the true public servants and deserves more of the votes. It is an eye-opener for those who have witnessed it. Also, it is a verdict for those who are incompetent of their positions.

What people should look for is another ATTY. REYNALDO Q. CASTILLO, a man of integrity, a mind of a genius and a heart for PUBLIC SERVICE.