To our Honorable Governor Dorothy Montejo-Gonzaga together with our Provincial Officials nga ania diri karun, to our Congresswoman Maria Carmen S. Zamora. To our Municipal Officials headed by our Vice-Mayor Hon. Ricky P. Hechanova inubanan sa atong mga Councilors ning lungsod, sa atong mga Barangay Officials headed by our Punong Barangays, to our Department and Section Heads, heads from different government and non-government agencies. To our DILG Provincial Director Noel C. Duarte and Ma’am Claire Anne C. Abellar, our MLGOO. To the Police and Military Forces headed by Police Lieutenant Colonel Gomersendo L Diwata II and 66th IB Commander Lieutenant Colonel Julius M Munar and to the Bureau of Fire Protection headed by our Fire Marshal Senior Inspector Patricio M Brañanola, Jr. Sa atong mga Public Schools District Supervisor, Dr. Maroja R. Belisario and our District Coordinating Principal Dr. Maria Bella R. Alvarez, sa atong mga bisita rung hapuna ilabi na gayud sa akong pamilya and my daughter “Mik-mik” nga kanunay ana-a sa akong kiliran arun sa pagsuporta sa akong matag lakang, Maayong Hapon kanatong tanan katawhan ning lungsod sa Compostela.

First and foremost, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the 21st Council of the Sanggunian Bayan for the support to my executive agenda with my very first term as the Municipal Mayor of Compostela ug unta padayon ang ilang  suporta throughout my term. Dako akong pasalamat sa atoang Sangguniang Bayan, pinanguluhan sa atong abtik nga Bise-mayor Hon. Ricky Hechanova  inubanan sa atong mga konsehales, for working with me hand in hand towards the development and progress for Compostela.

Sa akong paglingkod as Mayor of Compostela on the 12:00 noon of June 30, 2022, I am so happy and excited as the same time I feel a little nervous kung unsa ang angay nako nga buhaton isip Mayor. However, I instilled to my mind, that, I run as Mayor because I wanted to serve with all my best, the people of Compostela.

So, this moment, please allow me to present the accomplishments of my First 100 Days as Municipal Mayor of Compostela, Davao de Oro. 



            Local Economic Enterprises Development and Management Office (LEEDMO)

  • Allocated Funds under the 20% Development Fund CY 2022-Construction of Temporary Stall (Uniformed Stalls) at Muslim Area
  • Allocated Funds P5M General Fund C.Y 2022 amounting to P8M under the Supplemental Budget No. 2 CY 2022 – Development of Compostela Memorial Park, Maparat, CompostelaConstant meeting with Market Vendors Association
  • 122 Vendors placed and assisted during the 13 Days Night Market of the Araw g Compostela
  • Conducted E-Commerce Training for Market Vendor Associations (Main Public Market and Crossing Gabi) in coordination with DTI-Davao de Oro and Negosyo Center Compostela
  • Food Handling Seminar for Ambulant Vendors (Facilitated by DTI and DOST)
  • Rise Up Program Financing Forum for MSMEs in coordination with DTI-Davao de Oro and Negosyo Center Compostela
  • Operationalization of the New Slaughterhouse at Ambawan, Ngan
  • 55 Creditors availed the Loan Products for Business (LPB), a Micro Finance Program of the LGU (Php 630, 000.00) Total Fund Release to Creditors

Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO)                  

  • Issued 52 Business Permit
  • Issued 32 Mayor’s Permit
  • Issued 29 MTOPs
  • Issued 5 Special Permit
  • Issued 162 Seasonal Permit
  • Inspection of 1, 972 Business Establishment
  • Issued 30 Certifications
  • Implementation of Local Incentive Code (granted incentive to investors-JS Gaisano and Prince Hypermart)

Municipal Treasurer’s Office (MTO)

  • Total Collection as of September 30, 2022 (Php 317, 519, 835.90 with 77.04% collection efficiency)
  • Gradual Imposition of Fees and Charges under the Revised Revenue Code

Municipal Agriculture Office (MAGRO)

  • Purchased 1 Unit Crawler Type Brand New Backhoe (Donated to FEBRIA)

Rice Banner Program

  • Allocated P 5.1M under Supplemental Budget No. 2 CY 2022, as financial assistance to rice farmers
  • Dispersed 25 Bags Hybrid Seeds (12 farmer beneficiaries)
  • Dispersed 600 bags of Inbred Seeds (176 Farmer beneficiaries)
  • 100 Hectares used for Hybrid Model Farm (Gabi, Lagab, San Jose, Siocon and Tamia)
  • 263 Rice Farmers assisted to claim insurance of damaged crops at Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC)
  • Validated 4 Farmer Associations that would be recipient of Mechanical Dryer and Rice Mill (FEBRIA, ABAFIA, CURLAFIA and SJLALAFIA) budget from Department of Agriculture PhilMech
  • Validated 1 Unit of Vermi-Composting Facility of BAMAFIA
  • Conducted Preference Analysis for the 8-varieties of Next Generation Inbred Rice Demo Trial (Aurora)

Livestock Banner Program

  • Dispersed 70 heads sentinel pigs with 4 sacks of feeds
    • Anti-rabies vaccination (96 dogs)
    • Deworming/Vitamins (53 Heads)
    • Farvo (81 Heads)
    • Artificial Insemination (3 Heads)

Corn Banner Program

  • Dispersed 117 bags of OPV Seeds
  • 94 farmers received insecticides
  • Dispersed 270 Bags of Fertilizers (149 recipient farmers)
  • Dispersed 48 Bags of Hybrid Corn Seeds

Fishery Banner Program

  • Dispersed 10, 000 tilapia fingelings and 5, 000 carp fingerlings to Sitio Lubog, Ngan (under the Basil Sigla sa Ilog Program)
  • Turnover Fisher Gears to 12 individual farmers (cast net, hook & line and gill net)
  • Conducted Hands-on Training on Fish Handling and Processing of Tilapia Lamayo

High-Valued Crops Development Program

  • Dispersed 8, 335 Lakatan Tissue Culture Plantlets to Aguibawa Farmers Association with 115 bags of fertilizers (Urea, Complete and Potash)
  • Dispersed 40 packs (8in1) of vegetable seeds
  • Dispersed 40 heads of Goat 
  • 13 Farmers assisted to claim insurance of damaged crops at Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC)

Banana Intervention Program

  • Allocated P5.1M under the Supplemental Budget No. 2 C.Y 2022 to purchase P177,000.00 Tissue Culture Fusarium & Panama Resistant.
  • Allocated funds for the training & seminar for 150 workers.
  • Supported the Tissue Culture Laboratory of Davao de Oro State College through the provision of re-agent amounting to P200,000.00

            Municipal Tourism Office

  • Participated in the Mindanao Trade Expo 2022 during the Kadayawan Festival Celebration
  • Participated in the Touristiangge, a Davao de Oro initiated activity as part of Tourism Month Celebration


  • Initiative of Cong. Maria Carmen Zamora allocated budgeted P300M for next year desiltation, revetment and installation of box culvert (Batutu Creek, Maputi Creek and Aguibawa River)
  • P 200M for the Phase 1 and Phase 2 (Ngan River)
  • Concreting of 4km Road from End of ELCAC Project to P-1, Panansalan
  • Streetlights (Maparat to Lagab, Lagab to Green Valley, Green Valley to Osmeña)
  • New Mayor’s Office
  • Super RHU
  • Farm to Market Road (Lagab)
  • Proposed DPWH Davao de Oro 2nd District Engineering Office
  • Donated lot to DPWH 2nd District Engineering Office
  • Initiative of Vice-Governor Jayvee Tyron Uy (P10M solar streetlights under LGSF)
  • Improvement of Drainage System (1, 000 culverts provided to agricultural sector of the different barangays)
  • Allocated P1.5M for fuel of 2 units backhoe for rehabilitation of drainage

Completed Projects (20% Development Fund)

  • Installation of Reinforced Concrete Pipe Culvert Manhole( Crossing Gabi Public Market)
  • Concreting of Additional Lane along Quirino St. (Crossing Gabi Public Market Area)
  • Concreting of Road 4, Road 5 and Road 6-Fatima Village, Purok 11 Poblacion
  • Concreting of Manuel L. Quezon St. (DDOSC Area)

Completed Projects (General Fund)

  • Construction of 76 span perimeter fence at Eco Solid Waste Management Park,


  • Construction of Septic Vault for Hazardous Waste at Eco Solid Waste

Management Park, Maparat

  • Installation of Fire Hydrants and Water Reservoir at Municipal Compound ( Back of Evacuation Center

Completed Projects (Supplemental Budget No. 1 CY 2022)

  • Installation of Basketball Board and Ring at Sitio Side 4, Mangayon
  • Fabrication of 10 Units of Tents


Completed Projects

  • Construction of Multi-purpose Building for Disaster Reponse at P- 4, Aurora
  • Construction of Single Barrel Box Culvert at P-1 and P-3, Bagongon
  • Construction of Emergency Response Operation Center at P- 6, Gabi
  • Construction of Barangay Isolation Unit at P-4, P-15 and P-13, Poblacion

-P9.7M Budget for new projects (Aurora, Lagab, Bagongon, Gabi, Poblacion)

Ongoing projects

  • Construction of 4mx4m Double Barrel Box Culvert at Batutu River Creek
  • Construction of Concrete Drainage with Slope Protection Wall Structure at

Maparat Cemetery

-Rehabilitation of Barangay Roads and Bridges

-Rehab of steel/concrete footbridge at Purok 17, Ngan

-Rehab of steel/concrete Footbridge at Sta. Maria, Tamia

-Rehab of Steel Footbridge at Purok 5, Tamia

-Rehab of Tingale Bailey Panel Bridge at Purok 9, San Miguel

  • Concreting of Road 1, Purok 4, Clarin, Poblacion
  • Concreting of Road 1, Fatima Village, Purok 11, Poblacion
  • Concreting of Road 2, Fatima Village, Purok, Poblacion
  • Concreting of Road 3, Fatima Village, Purok 11, Poblacion
  • Concreting of Clarin St. to Lopez Jaena St., Purok 4, Poblacion
  • Installation and Rehabilitation of Water System
  • Drainage Development at Barangay Poblacion Area
  • Construction of Concrete Pavement, Crossing Gabi, Poblacion
  • Concreting of Façade Access Road, Crossing Gabi, Poblacion

Projects-For Implementation

  • Improvement of Public Market Building
  • Maintenance of FMR, Mangayon
  • Maintenance of Overflow Structure, P-5 Poblacion and Ngan
  • Maintenance of Hanging Bridge – San Miguel, Bagongon, Salvacion Ngan and Sta. Maria Tamia
  • Maintenance of Trading Center
  • Construction of Public Market MRF
  • Construction of Stage at Sitio Side 4, Mangayon
  • Improvement of Municipal Garden


Human Resource Management Office

  • Enhancement of LGU Organizational Structure
  • Institutionalization of PRIME HRM
  • Strengthened LGU Transparency Bulletin
  • Processed documents of 9 Promoted and Appointed Regular Employees including Coterminous
  • Unfunded 11 Plantilla Positions
  • 653 Total LGU Workforce

General Services Office

  • Strengthened Physical Inventory of LGU properties, facilities and equipment

Bids and Awards Committee

-Facilitated the Bidding of the following projects and programs:

-Purchase of New varieties seeds for farmers re-planting assistance

-Concreting of Block Roads at P-1 Public market

-Construction of Reservoir for Paglintian Spring Water System, P-4A, Mangayon

-Construction of Drainage Canal at Bolohaton Settlers Village

-Construction of Additional Facilities at Municipal Garden

-Cemetery Development

-Improvement of Government Building

-Construction of Fuel Depot

-Electrification of Mayor’s Office

Municipal Assessor’s Office (MASSO)

  • Facilitated the conduct of Handog Titulo last August 1, 2022 wherein 16 Occupants from Fatima Village received land titles
  • Successful land titling of 2 LGU Properties
  • 4, 687 Real Property Units (RPUs) appraised and approved


            Municipal Health Office

  • Conducted Philhealth Advocate Knowledge Officer Orientation of all Health Workers
    • Family Planning Fiesta, a responsible parenthood and reproductive health program activity that provide Free Progestin, Subdermal Implant and IUD Insertion with 117 clients catered
    • Training on Standard First Aid and Basic Life Support for RHU Personnel
    • 306 clients served during the Active Case finding for Tuberculosis (provided free mobile chest x-ray and medicines)
    • Universal Health Care MOA and Pledge of Commitment Signing
    • 190 clients vaccinated during Launching of Bakunahang Bayan-Pinalakas Special Vaccination Day last September 27, 2022 (with participation of DOH Regional Director Annabelle Yumang)
    • Provision of 5kls of rice for vaccinated individuals
    • 3 Midwives from Compostela Birthing Home attended the 300-hours Emergency Medical Tehnician Training Course
    • Hiring of Licensed Pharmacist
    • Purchase of Hematology Machine-P 500, 000.00
    • Purchase of additional reagents and emergency medicines and haemoglobin A1c machine-P 303, 000.00
    • Purchase of Generator Set-P 700, 000.00
    • Purchase of 5 Units Aircon (Birthing Facility, Drug Warehouse and Conference Room)
    • Provision of P20, 000.00 LGU Counterpart for hiring additional Doctor thru Doctor to the Barrio Program of the DOH


  • Honorarium of ALS Volunteers
  • Hiring of Security Guards and Utility Workers paid under the SEF
  • Regular Monthly LSB Meeting
  • Allocated P 30, 000.00 per school for Brigada Eskuwela
  • Allocated P1M Budget for the Construction of ALS Office (DepEd Compostela East and West District)

Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO)

  • 150 Beneficiaries have received P10, 000.00 assistance under the DSWD-Livelihood Assistance Grant (LAG) with a total fund of P 1.5M

       Elderly Welfare Program

  • 7, 672 Registered Senior Citizen provided with medicine booklet, grocery booklet and ID card to avail the privileges and benefits stipulated in RA 9994 or Expanded Senior Citizen Act
  • 5, 020 Social Pensioner Beneficiaries received P 1500 quarterly honorarium
  • 3, 083 Senior Citizen received P 4, 600.00 during UCT Payout      
  • Host Provincial Meeting (Davao de Oro Federation of Senior Citizen)
  • Celebrated Elderly Week
  • Provision of honorarium for OSCA and COMFESCA Officers

       Person with Disability Welfare Program

  • Hired PDAO paid by LGU
  • 451 PWD Members provided with medicine booklet, grocery booklet and ID card to avail the privileges and benefits stipulated in RA 7277 or Magna Carta for Disabled Person
  • Provision of Monthly Honorarium to 16 CADAP Officers
  • Provision of Assistive Devices (wheelchair, walker, cane and crutches)
  • Referral Services of Tebow Cure and Davao Jubilee Foundation (food, transportation and medical assistance)
  • Celebrated the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week
  • Conducted Livelihood Training on Ice Cream making

       Family Welfare Program

  • Family Day Celebration
  • Livelihood Trainings

     -Housekeeping leading to NC II for Solo Parent

     -Massage Therapy for VAWC Survivor

  • 250 Registered Solo Parent
  • Conducted 3 Parent-Child Counselling
  • Conducted Capacity Development on Basic Helping and Counselling-Barangay

     VAWC Desk

  • Conducted Orientation on RA 9262 (Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children)

Emergency Assistance Program

  • Served 370 clients for Medical Assistance, 70 clients for burial assistance, 5

Clients for transportation assistance and 2 for fire assistance

  • Issued 60 social case study reports to indigent clients that will seek assistance

from DSWD, Congressional Office and PCSO

  • Provision of monthly honorarium to 52 Child Development Workers (P 4, 300.00

per month)

  • ECCD Center was accredited to Level III National Children and Development

Center for 2-4 years old children

  • Assessed and managed 22 cases of child placement cases (abandoned,

neglected, surrendered and foundling)

  • 2, 117 pre-schoolers improved nutritional status due to the Supplementary

Feeding Program

            Women Welfare Program

  • Provision of monthly honorarium to 16 BCOW President and 4 Sectoral

Organization President

  • Turned over of Sewing Machine to Sitio Side 4 Women Association
  • Livelihood Training for Barangay Panansalan-Weaving
  • Livelihood Training for Puting Bato, Ngan-Bead on Craft Making

            Youth Welfare Program

  • Reorganization of PYAP Municipal Federation
  • 335 Registered PYAP Members attended the orientation of the Unlad Kabataan

Program for Out-of-School-Youth

Municipal Civil Registrar’s Office (MCRO)

  • 1, 008 clients served in the Philsys Birth Registration Assistance Project (PBRAP) with 85.78% actual applications against its target (1, 175)
  • 67, 887 population registered in the National ID with 75.20% of the targeted population ages 5 years old and above
  • 769 total clients served for  registration of birth
  • 301 total clients served for  registration of death
  • 397 total clients served for  registration of marriage
  • 7, 133 documents reconstructed and rewritten in the Registry Book
  • 17, 240 civil registry documents encoded in CRIS


  • Conducted 3 Jobs Fair (Local and Overseas)
  • 1 Serbisyo Caravan (Araw ng Compostela)
  • 40 GIP Grantees deployed LGU Offices
  • 714 beneficiaries availed TUPAD Program-Emergency Employment Program

-Banana Packing Plant Workers, AB Farm and Service Provider of


  • BAPAPWOCO received P1M Livelihood Assistance to Cooperative (Egg

Production) from DOLE Region XI

  • 363 total SPES Grantees with P2M total budget
  • Additional funding for TUPAD thru the initiative of Cong. Maria Carmen Zamora
  • 37 beneficiaries availed Housing Keeping NC II
  • 15 beneficiaries participated in the actual performance and training services  for nail care,  haircut and massage

Philippine National Police-Compostela Municipal Police Station

  • Rank 1 (Class A Category) for the Top Performing  Municipal Police Station in the

entire Davao Region for the month of July 2022

  • 7 individuals arrested during buy-bust operation under RA 9165-Comprehensive

Dangerous Drugs Act

  • Arrested 11 Most Wanted Person
  • Apprehended 15 individual on Illegal Gambling Law
  • 172 Violators apprehended on RA 4136-Land Transportation Code
  • 761 violators apprehended on Violation of Municipal Ordinances (Anti-Smoking,

Curfew, Modified Muffler, No Helmet, No Face Mask and Half Naked)

  • Intensify Police visibility

Bureau of Fire Protection-Compostela Municipal Fire Station

  • Quick Response during Fire Incidents
  • Conducted Fire Safety Inspections, lectures, fire drills and recorida dubbed as Oplan Ligtas na Pamayanan (OLP) to barangays and schools

Housing Program

  • Completion of 100 Housing Unit of Bolohaton Settlers Village, Osmeña (Awarded 50 housing unit to Non-LGU Beneficiaries and 50 housing units to LGU Employees)
  • Purchase of Relocation Sites

Sports and Recreation

  • Sports Training (Volleyball, Basketball, Taekwondo, Swimming and Table Tennis)
  • Music (Voice Lesson)
  • Arts (Painting)
  • Participated Nabunturan Basketball Tournament (39 years old and younger category-1st Placer)
  • Participated to Chess Tournament at Nabunturan, Taekwondo at Davao and Arnis at Maco
  • Participated to 1st Governor Dorothy Montejo-Gonzaga Basketball Tournament (Governor’s Cup)



  • Purchased area for the establishment of Sanitary Landfill
  • Conducted 4 Tree Planting Activities
  • Conducted 6 Clean-up Drive Activities
  •  Inspection of 1 illegal mining activity in coordination with MGB and CENRO Baganga at Spur 2, Panansalan
  • Additional share on quarry operation (contested area of New Bataan and Compostela)
  • Attended purok forums and assemblies to discuss environmental laws
  • Regular collection of solid waste
  • Conducted street sweeping
  • Intensify the implementation of single-use plastic policy and Balik Bayong Program
  • Planting of hardwood and fruit trees along river banks incorporated in the Flood Control


  • Purchase of 1 Unit Funeral Hearse
  • Received 1 Unit Ambulance (Patient Transport Vehicle) from PCSO
  • Activation of Incident Management Team (IMT) during Fiesta and Araw celebration
  • Conduct Enhancement Semestral Knowledge of Compostela Emergency Response Team
  • Rendered Technical Review of BDRRM Plan and Budget
  • Facilitate the approval of Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment (CDRA) of Compostela
  • Condcuted Level-up Training for Emergency Medical Technician Course


  • Approved Local Development Investment Program (LDIP) 2018-2023 Adjustments
  • Approved CY 2023 Annual Investment Program (AIP)
  • Approved CY 2022 Supplemental Investment Program (SIP) No. 3
  • Approved Executive-Legislative Agenda CY 2022-2025
  • Issued 91 Locational Clearance
  • Issued 59 Zoning Certifications
  • Approved 2 Preliminary Subdivision Plan (Ambawan Relocation Site and Bolohaton Settlers Village)


  • Municipal Resolution No. 2022-6005, Resolution approving the Preliminary Subdivision of Ambawan Relocation Site
  • Municipal Resolution No. 2022-6006, Resolution approving the Preliminary Subdivision of New Alegria Relocation Site
  • Municipal Resolution No. 2022-6007, Resolution approving the Preliminary Subdivision of Bolohaton Settlers Village
  • Municipal Resolution No. 2022-6027, Resolution designating 5, 000 square meters from Pascual Area as the site for the Super Health Center, New Compostela Rural Health Unit and Other Health Facilities
  • Municipal Resolution No. 2022-6030, Resolution designating 5, 000 square meters from Pascual Area as the site for the 2nd District Engineering Office of DPWH
  • Municipal Resolution No. 2022-6065, Resolution supporting the establishment of Governor Vicente G. Duterte Elementary School at Purok 6, Sitio Cambudlot, San Miguel
  • Municipal Resolution No. 2022-6087, Resolution approving the Comprehensive Drainage System and Flood Control Master Plan of Compostela
  • Municipal Resolution No. 2022-6109, Resolution authorizing the demolition of Nutrition Building (Old Coert) and Council of Women to pave the for the proposed Construction of the New Municipal Mayor’s Office Building
  • Municipal Resolution No. 2022-6121, Resolution approving the Site Development Plan of Municipal Cemetery at Maparat
  • Municipal Resolution No. 2022-6145, Resolution adopting and approving the Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA) 2022-2025
  •  Appropriation Ordinance No. 2022-02, Ordinance appropriating the amount of P 37, 560, 115.33 for various programs and expenses of Compostela (Supplemental Budget No. 2 CY 2022)