The Local Government Unit of Compostela joins our Muslim Brothers and Sisters in the Celebration of Ramadan 2023

One major practice of Ramadan is fasting from sunrise to sunset. Muslim people who have reached puberty are called on to fast, a practice of self-restraint intended to bring people closer to God. 

Ramadan is also “for Muslims to engage in acts of charity by depriving themselves of food and drink,” Sayeed said.  

Muslim people fasting during Ramadan do not eat food or drink liquids, but it can also “mean abstaining from sexual relationships.

Muslim people break their fasts after an evening prayer with a meal called ifṭār. These meals are often communal events with friends and family. While foods at these meals can vary by community, one common choice is dates, a reference to the Prophet Muhammad eating dates to break his fast. 

People who are pregnant, nursing or menstruating are often exempt from fasting, as well as older people, people with illnesses and others.  

We wish you and your family a beautiful, peaceful, and blessed Ramadan!