Committee on Agriculture – Public Hearing

The Committee on Agriculture conducted a public hearing on September 6 to discuss the registration of ownership of agricultural and fisheries machinery and equipment. The hearing took place in the Municipality of Compostela, Davao de Oro. The proposed legislation aims to establish ownership and create a national database of machinery and equipment for planning and monitoring purposes under Republic Act No. 10601.

The Committee, led by Hon. Danny Pelegrino, gathered feedback from the public regarding the registration of agricultural and fisheries machinery and equipment within the Municipality. The purpose of this initiative is to ensure the quality and safety of the machinery and equipment, as well as to optimize the government’s investments and resources through proper planning and programming.

Also present during the public hearing Committee on Agriculture Members, Hon. Harry Cabiling, Hon. Alejo Luzano, Hon. Rogelio Econar, and Hon. Juric Blanco with representatives from the concerned LGU Compostela offices, farmers associations, and irrigators associations. #sbcompostela #PublicServiceAboveSelf

Municipal Council for the Protection Children (MCPC) Meeting

Ang atong Municipal Council for the Protection Children (MCPC) sa atong Lokal nga Panggamhanan sa Lungsod sa Compostela nagpahigayon ug Meeting didto sa Mayor’s Office Conference Room.

Kini aron paghisgot sa kasamtangang estado sa mga programa ug proyekto sa atong Munisipyo nga may kalambigitan sa kalambuan sa atong mga kabataan.

Busa, mapasalamaton ang atong Municipal Administrator, Sir Jason James Ebdao nga maoy Presiding Officer sa gihatag nga higayon sa MCPC Members aron magmalampuson ang maong meeting.