MAYOR LEMA P. BOLO STATE OF THE MUNICIPALITY ADDRESS (SOMA) 2016  One o’clock in the afternoon of March 21, 2016 Compostela Municipal Gymnasium

Partners in public service, ladies and gentlemen, katawhan sa Compostela, maayong hapon!

The video you have just seen manifests our resiliency as we have risen from devastation. Compostelaños have proved that once we are trapped in a complicated situation we unite together as one, we find ways to rise from the downfall and stand bright once again, even brighter. Our oneness in heart and aspiration made us strong with a heart enflamed of love and rekindled spirit of hope to our beloved Compostela. Ang atong pagbangon bunga sa hiniusang paningkamot.

From the outset, I realized how hard it is to prioritize all the need-to-implement projects given the limited local funds. The fiscal autonomy to generate and to utilize our local resources gave answer to this dilemma. With bigger funds we can embark on more projects for socio-economic advantage to our people. I must say that it required definite political will in revising our tax ordinance. And yes, with the support of our Sangguniang Bayan Members, in 2014, we have come up with the Revised Omnibus Revenue Code which of course assured a just levy of taxes for our people. Added to this fiscal policy achievement is the tax monitoring system established in the Office of the Municipal Treasury.

 Records show that in 2014, we have an actual local revenue collection of 34.02 million pesos and in 2015 we have increased to 44.93 million pesos. The 10.91 million increase in our revenue was the effect of our tax twin-measure. I am deeply grateful to Compostelaños in responding to the economic change, positively. But, how did we utilize our local funds? In 2015, 47% of our local resources were expended to general public services; 29% for economic services; 10% for health services; 10% social services; 3% for debt services; and 1 % for calamity preparedness.

Also, with the good response from business sector we have an increasing number of business registrants. In 2013 we have 523 business registrants, 654 in 2014 and 738 in 2015. This trend is a good indication of economic growth in our municipality and I am hoping to have this figure increase and encourage every business entity to register and to pay their share of economic responsibility.

In 2013, our collection efficiency was 88.32%, 2014 was 96% collection efficiency and year 2015 we had a collection efficiency of 110.48%.  With this, our LGU is included in the top 3 best municipality in Compostela Valley Province as far as collection efficiency is concerned.

While we have a higher revenue, we have increased the Special Education Fund (SEF) from 3.2 million pesos in 2014 to 3.9 million pesos in 2015. The fund ceiling for educational programs is still lower vis-à-vis our planned literacy support programs. Yet, with the limited SEF we were able to support the schools in sending participants for the athletics, campus journalism, boy scout and girl scout encampment, academic festivals and non-academic representations in the provincial and regional level.  Further, with our SEF we have given support through placement of 31 SEF-paid teachers in the elementary and secondary schools. We have also expended the funds for the repair of classrooms, however not enough to cater the entire need of schools. With Brigada Eskwela yearly program, we apportioned P30,000 each school for the weeklong bayanihan for school improvement and beautification.   It is also worth to mention that we have supported the ALS Program, Open High School, and able to send 3 PWD scholars to Deaf Ministry Inc. Ang atong mga PWD scholars nasa third year college na sa maong eskwelahan sa Davao City.  

The schools have easily recovered from destruction of calamity as they received school building projects from the kind-hearted private companies. I would like to mention the City Savings Bank-Aboitiz, Agusan Petroleum, Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce, ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Buddist Tzu-Chi Foundation, Jusmag, PLDT Smart Foundation, Ateneo de Davao University, Petron, and Philippine Star for donating funds for the repair and construction of school buildings. The Tzu-Chi Foundation rehabilitated Mangayon Elementary School where it donated 14 classrooms amounting to a total of 41.1 million pesos. Of course, the fast recovery of our school institutions cannot be attained without the persistent effort of our school administrators and school teachers. Daghan kaayong salamat sa atoang mga private donors, school administrators and teachers. Atoa silang palakpakan!

In the commencement of Senior High School implementation, the LGU allocated P50,000.00 financial assistance each to our ten (10) public senior high schools this year. We are also ready to support them for training interventions to senior students.

Sa pagkahimugso sa Compostela Valley State College, mihatag kita ug suporta pinaagi sa pagtugot sa paggamit sa seven (7) hectares nga luna didto sa Maparat. Kini pagagamiton sa CVSC isip agricultural laboratory para sa mga estudyante. Usab niadtong September 2015, atong nasugdan pag implementar ang LGU-COMPOSTELA SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM (LGU-CSP) diin aduna kitay 30 scholars nga magadawat ug P5,000.00 isip educational assistance matag semester. Kini nga scholarship program nagmalig-on pinaagi sa Municipal Ordinance No. 2015-428. 

Video Presentation (Mr. Mar Jhone A. Villarias, LGU-CSP Grantee)

Infrastructures are visible proof of development. I must say that we have rehabilitated and regained our infrastructures because of our steadfast partnership in contributing funds and even labor. Pagkahuman sa bagyong Pablo daghan ang angay iplastar ug bolohaton. Daghan ug hagit apan nagmalampuson kita sa nilabay nga mga panahon pinaagi sa atong pagtinabangay. Pagtinabangay nga wala nagtan-aw ug unsa nga color, asa naggikan—ma gobyerno man o pribado nga opisina, basta adunay ikatampo atong gidawat sa walay pagduha duha.

The DSWD KALAHI CIDSS greatly contributed for our easy recovery. With the total amount of 47.7 million pesos grant, we have rehabilitated infrastructures and constructed new buildings with a total of 69 sub-projects beginning 2013.

Atong nakita nga panahon sa pagbaha, dili na dayon makatabok ang atong katawhan nga nagpuyo dapit P-13 Centennial, Valma Ngan, Mangayon ug Tamia tungod sa dali nga pagbaha diha sa ubos sa tulay sa Purok 5, Poblacion. Pinaagi sa NCDDP Pilot Engagement Project sa atong probinsiya, kauban ang DSWD nga mao ang naghatag ug dakong pundo niini, atong naangkon ang overflow structure diha sa P-5, Poblacion. Tungod niini, dili na tanto maglisud ug labang ang katawhan ug atoa silang nahatagan ug dugang safety hilabi na panahon sa pagbaha. Thank you to DSWD and to the Provincial Government for this funded project amounting to 17 Million pesos with P300,000 counterpart from the LGU.

Video Presentation (Mrs. Totchie B. Maraña)

The road concreting projects totaled to 12,173.51 meters beginning 2013 to 2015 with 43 thoroughfares concreted inclusive of our local funds and the Typhoon Pablo Assistance Fund. Also, with our local drainage development program, we developed 3,102 meters of drainage systems mostly in barangay Poblacion. Right now, we are one step for a Drainage Development Master Plan particularly in Barangay Poblacion. Atoang paningkamotan nga mahuman gayud kining Drainage Development Master Plan para masugdan nato ug  implementar ang mas hapsay ug sakto nga “drainage” para maiwasan ang dali nga pagbaha. Pinaagi usab sa tabang sa DPWH, SUMIFRU ug sa opisina sa atong halandong Gobernador, napalawuman (desilt) nato ang Agusan River pinaagi sa dredging operation dinha dapit sa Purok 6 hangtod Purok 5 Poblacion ug usab sa may Barangay Osmeña, dapit sa tulay nga padayon ang desilting hangtod karon. 

With the help of DPWH, the construction of Agusan River Flood Control project or the construction of gabion—-portion of barangay Osmeña to Purok 6 Poblacion favoured our endeavor for calamity mitigation and preparedness.

Also, we have a total of 21 bridges that were constructed and repaired.  Also, we have constructed 10 multi-purpose pavements or solar driers in the barangays out of our local funds. The ongoing construction of solar drier in barangay San Miguel with 45% accomplishment and the solar drier to be constructed in Salvacion, barangay Ngan are grants from the Department of Agriculture.

The growing economic condition is complemented with our projects in the public market. The trading center, fish and meat stalls, vegetable stalls as donated by the USAID-GEM were augmented with fruit section stalls, and other facilities in the public market. In sum, we have 85 new permanent stalls and 89 new temporary stalls which are all occupied in the public market, beginning 2014 up to present. Also, we have ongoing construction of temporary stalls in the public terminal and a second floor improvement of the new public market building through the effort of Congresswoman Maricar Zamora. 

            Nothing is difficult in our endeavors only if people will understand our good intentions. Dugay na nga problema nato ang nagbulag bulag nga terminal para sa single motors. Recently, we are evaluating the result of our effort for a centralized terminal for single motor operators. Nalipay ko naminaw sa atong mga Presidente sa nagkadaiyang association nga sila misuporta sa atong programa. Kon makasabot ang katawhan sa atong maayong intensiyon, walay dili lisud kab-uton nga kaayohan.  Sa maong centralized terminal atong naplastar ang 26 ka single motor associations.

Also, we strived for an easy enforcement of local policies for the motorized tricycle operators by merging up the two associations into one which is now known as COMPTODA or the Compostela Poblacion Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association. I am confident that COMPTODA will help encourage those unregistered motorized tricycle operators to renew or have their permits. At present, we limit the franchise of motorized tricycle operators permit (MTOP) into 550 franchises. 

If you can recall in 2014 we have launched the Night Market in Compostela. Now, we have extended our night market days every Friday in Ramon Magsaysay St. and every Saturday in Dagohoy St. near our municipal compound by virtue of Municipal Ordinance No. 2015- 432. Now, we have a total of 95 vendors in our night market.

Video Presentation (Mr. Antonio Simbre, Vice President of Market Vendors Association)

September 18, 2013 we turned-over the LGU run water system to Compostela Water District. We extend support to Compostela Water District through full turnover of water facility inventories and a yearly financial assistance for its operation. Also, the LGU will donate more or less 600 square meters of lot for a CWD office. Further, we appointed the interim board of directors to effectively manage the water district.  

Talking about peace and order, our police officers are doing their best in the enforcement of Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act and anti-crime campaign on Kontra Boga, apprehension of illegal gambling and carnapping violators, arrest of wanted personalities, and apprehension of offenders of anti-smoking and illegal retailing of petroleum products.    Compared to the 2014 crime solution efficiency of 31.38%, our Municipal Police Station has an increased crime solution efficiency of 46.08% in 2015. This entails a good performance, thus my congratulations to Chief-of-Police Kristopher A. Sabsal and the whole police force of Compostela Municipal Police Station.  Atoa silang palakpakan… I continue to challenge you to strictly enforce legal measures towards peace and order in the municipality.

Also, our municipality has a new PNP building inaugurated last year.

As we always partner our barangay tanod and purok chairpersons as peacekeepers in the barangay, atoang ipatuman ang increase sa ilahang ginadawat nga honorarium. Gikan sa P250.00 honorarium mamahimo na nga P500.00 honorarium kada bulan ang madawat sa atong mga purok chairperson o peacekeepers. Ug ang atoang mga barangay tanod adunay pagadawaton nga  P2,000.00 honorarium matag tuig gikan sa kaniadto P500.00. Kana atoang pagasugdan karong tuiga ug aduna na gayud budget para niana.

Concerning labor disputes, the presence of the LGU-based Conciliation -Mediation Service Center in our municipality which we established in year 2014 had decreased the number of picketing and mass rally in private industries. From a higher single digit, we decreased the number of picketing and rally to nearly zero in 2015 since industrial disputes are resolved immediately. 

Usa sa dako nga suliran sa atong lungsod mao kining basura. Niadtong tuig 2014, na-aprobahan ang atoang Municipal Ecological Solid Waste Management Plan 2014-2023 diin atoa na kining gisugdan pag implementar. Pinaagi sa pagtuman sa maong plano, ang dati nga open dumpsite atoa ng naplastar isip eco-park. Atoa usab  makita ang vermi-building nga gipahimutang sulod sa eco-park. Kini ang usa sa atong mga lakang para aduna kitay saktong composting-facility para sa mga malata nga basura nga nakolekta gikan sa palengke. Kauban niini, atoang balikan pagtan-aw ang ordinansa sa basura para adunay saktong ngipon ang implementasyon niini.

Sa atong tinguha nga mamahimo kitang people-centered government, atong gipaningkamotan nga mabati sa katawhan ang gobyerno pinaagi sa nagkadaiyang serbisyo sa LGU. Atong nasugdan ang LPB o Lusong! Pagserbisyo sa Barangay adtong tuig 2014 ug napaduol sa katawhan ang mga serbisyo nga walay bayad sama sa birth registration, medical ug dental check-up, distribution sa nagkadaiyang klaseng similya sa tanom, ug uban pa.

The continuing monitoring and intervention to undernourished children showed a positive result. The malnutrition prevalence rate in 2013 which is 6.5% and 5.6% in 2014 turned into a decreased rate of 5.04% in 2015. Nagpasabot kini nga sa 714 ka mga bata nga undernourished niadtong tuig 2013, 584 sa tuig 2014, adunay 521 na lang ka mga bata ang undernourished sa tuig 2015.   Atong padayon nga pagatutukan ang malnutrisyon pinaagi sa atong tinuig nga programa sa Nutrition Program.  Kauban sa atong Nutrition Program mao ang supplementary feeding program nga padayong gipatuman sa atoang Day Care Workers ug MSWD.

Our municipality is recognized as a malaria disease-free municipality. We are definitely far and free from malaria diseases for three consecutive years, from 2013 to 2015 and hopefully also this year.  Last year, we received P60,000.00 incentive being a Malaria Disease– Free LGU.

With the intensification of the maternal and child care through year-round schedule of our MHO pre-natal team conducting complete package of prenatal check-up in the barangays, we have a zero maternal death in 2014 and 2015. This significant status is also attributed by the functional barangay birthing facilities in barangay San Miguel, San Jose and Siocon plus our Municipal Health Center as 24/7 birthing home facility accredited with Philhealth.  The established referral system with Compostela Valley Provincial Hospital (CVPH) in coordination with CoERT also contributed to the zero maternal death rate.  

Talking about health privileges to indigent constituents, we have a total of 17,112 constituent-members of Philhealth, shouldered by the government. Of this figure, the national government through the National Household Targeting System (NHTS) granted Philhealth to 15,946 constituents. While the 1,166 grantees of Philhealth are shouldered by the LGU through the Philhealth Para sa Masa Program.

Also, with NHTS there are 7,630 household-grantees of the Conditional Cash Transfer or 4Ps. Beginning year 2013 we have 4,617 household-grantees; year 2014—5,669 household-grantees; and year 2015— 7,647 grantees. Sa atong pagmonitor sa 4Ps, adunay 283 ka pamilya ang nahuman na isip beneficiary kay tungod migradwar na ug eskwela sa high school level ilahang mga anak pinaagi sa tabang sa 4Ps.

The Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) is one of the linking interventions to 4Ps. This 2nd quarter, our 4Ps grantees will have trainings for mongo production, nail care leading to NC II, and sweet corn production. Also with the massage therapy NCII given to 4Ps, 65% of the grantee-trainees have benefited using their skills for a living. 

This year, we have apportioned a bigger budget for Aid to Individual in Crisis Situation or the AICS into 1.4 Million pesos from P900,000 only in 2014 and 2015.  This is to make sure that our fund is stretched throughout the year for those who are in need of financial assistance in emergency situation.  

In our aim to lessen the population of unmarried couples and eventually reduce the number of illegitimate children, we conducted Kasalang Bayan and Kasalang Barangay. Recently, we conducted the kasalang bayan with 172 couples solemnized. This is apart from the 77 total number of couples solemnized in kasalang barangay in San Miguel, Maparat and Mangayon.

The Social Pension Program for our senior citizens is still ongoing with 1, 299 senior citizens receiving a monthly pension of 500 pesos. As of this date, we have 3,210 active senior citizens who are enjoying the discounts in the market commodities by just presenting their senior citizen IDs issued by the MSWD.

With our intervention program to persons with disability or PWD, we have issued IDs to 250 PWD to avail discounts for medicines, transportation, and other basic commodities.  However, may I ask the Sangguniang Bayan to legislate the adoption of special laws for our PWD and senior citizens to fully enjoy the benefits and privileges in our local market as set for by RA 9442 and RA 9994, respectively.                                                                                                                      Agricultural support programs empowered our farmers for increased farm production. The Department of Agriculture has granted 67 units of various post-harvest facilities to different farmer associations beginning 2013 to 2015. Also in the early part of 2015, we are fortunate to acquire 4-wheel drive farm tractor and this year another farm tractor will be granted to us by DA.

With the help of the DA, another farm to market road worth 52.1 Million pesos is now open in national highway junction Compostela to Sitio Bongkilaton Barangay Ngan. This is on top of the farm-to-market road projects implemented in Compostela amounting to 87.26 Million pesos. The total FMR projects of DA resulted to a total of 9,557 meters of roads concreted for our constituents mostly advantageous to our farmers.

While Compostela is number one in banana production, it also has the largest area of rice farming in the entire Province.  We must be proud that the Rice Processing Center 2, which was inaugurated recently with the presence of DA Secretary Proceso J. Alcala, is situated in Barangay Maparat with a total project cost of 12.4 Million pesos. I know that RPC is of great help to rice farmers for a lower cost of production and greater return of inputs. Compostela as top producer of banana and rice products was the host of the 2015 1st Provincial Rice Derby and 1st Provincial Banana Congress.

With the approved Municipal Ordinance No. 2014-401 we apportioned honorarium for our 16 BAFC or barangay technicians beginning last year in the amount of P500.00 monthly.

Talking about administrative reforms, we see to it that employees in the LGU will also feel government’s action on human resource issues within the organization. Last year, we have increased the basic daily wage of all our job order employees from P250.00 to P286.36 rate per day. Also this year, we are almost done with the new Organizational Structure of the LGU as our basis for reengineering founded on the principle of putting the right people at the right job with equitable remuneration.         

With our efforts towards good local governance, we received recognitions where our PPAs towards effective service delivery to Compostelaños are appreciated by various agencies of the government. It includes various achievements of our LGU and the barangay LGUs in the many facets of public service delivery.

Sa pag-implementar sa KALAHI-CIDSS giila sa DSWD Region XI ang atong munisipyo isip Best Municipal Local Government Unit. Atong palakpakan atoang mga KALAHI-CIDSS volunteers, kauban ang mga BSPMC ug ang Area Coordinating Team gikan sa LGU ug DSWD Regional Office headed by the KALAHI-CIDSS Focal Person Engr. Jessy R. Marron.

Also, due to our regular conduct of voluntary blood-letting services in barangays, LGU Compostela is an 8th time Outstanding Local Government Unit (2008-2015). I share this “Heroes for Health” award to the 2,675 regular blood donors, barangay captains and officials, and all the health workers. Congratulations for this imprint of concerted endeavor.  

Due to our best effort in controlling schistosomiasis, we received an award for Best Practices in Schistosomiasis Control Program with 2 Million pesos cash incentive last year. This incentive is programmed for the riprapping of canal project in Barangay Siocon, which will be implemented this year. 

Last year, we were recognized as 3rd Placer in the Good Practices of National TB Program, in the Province.

In the implementation of the Ecological Solid Waste Management, our LGU was awarded as 3rd placer in the 2015 Search for Best Implementer of Ecological Solid Waste Management in the entire province.

Our LGU is recognized as top 1 in the accomplishment of General Revision of the Real Property Units (RPUs) in the entire Province. From 24,811 RPUs in 2011 we now have 32,164 RPUs at present. Also, the Handog Titulo Program in partnership with the Registry of Deeds resulted to a total of 279 land titles released in 2014 and 2015.   

With the increased number of RPUs coupled with the established local tax monitoring system, we were ranked 2nd in the Real Property Tax Collection in year 2014 and 2015.

In our readiness to emergency response, the Compostela Emergency Response Team (CoERT) received various awards—– NDRRMC Bakas Parangal ng Kadakilaan Award in 2013 and One of the Davao Region’s Most Outstanding Volunteers in year 2013 and 2015 as conferred by the Regional Development Council. Atoang irecognize atoang Compostela Emergency Response Team kauban ang atoang Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer and staff. 

It is also our pride and honor knowing that our barangays have excelled in the implementation of the various programs of the government. The 2015 Regional Search for Barangay with Best Sanitation Practices was reaped by Barangay Osmeña as third placer. Also, the 2015 Provincial Red Orchid Award where the barangays were evaluated in their implementation of anti-smoking ordinance, Barangay San Miguel was recognized as one of the best implementers in the entire Province.

The evaluation on barangay governance through the Barangay Governance Performance Management System (BGPMS) empowered our barangay officials to show their best in implementing complementary programs and projects with their twist of initiatives and best practices. In the 2015 BGPMS evaluation, barangay San Miguel through the leadership of Honorable Harry C. Cabiling was recognized as the Most Outstanding Barangay; 2nd in rank was Barangay Tamia with Honorable Elmer M. Remulta; and 3rd in rank was Barangay Osmeña headed by Honorable Lolito C. Pavia.  Atong palakpakan atoang Top 3 Outstanding Barangays.

Also with the said evaluation, we were able to identify the best implementer of solid waste management in the barangay level; best implementer of solid waste management in the purok level; and barangay best implementer of disaster risk reduction and management. 

Through this BGPMS evaluation, it is also worthy to recognize or show to you who are the outstanding BNS, outstanding barangay secretaries, outstanding midwives, outstanding day care workers, and most outstanding barangay treasurer, to special mention Mrs. Lucita E. Seva of barangay San Jose.  

With all these achievements of our MLGU and BLGUs, it is no wonder that our municipality is dubbed as the most improved municipality based on the 2015 competitiveness index. Ngano man nga most improved municipality ang Compostela? Niadtong tuig 2014, sa 978 ka munisipyo sa entero Pilipinas, rank 299 ang atong munisipyo basi sa competitive index.  Niaging tuig 2015, rank 159 ta gikan sa rank 299 adtong 2014. Ug sa entero probinsya, ika-duha ta sa most competitive municipality ug sa entero Rehiyon XI, ika-tulo ang Compostela nga most competitive municipality sa tuig 2015.

Sa atong paningkamot usab nga mapreserba ang kultura ug katungod sa atong katawhang lumad, atong gipaningkamotan nga aduna silay mga representante diha sa konseho matag barangay diin madungog ang ilahang tingug sa pagplano sa atong mga programa ug proyekto. Tungod niini, atong napahiluna isip miyembro sa barangay council ang Indigenous People Mandatory Representative o IPMR diha sa barangay Maparat, Ngan, Mapaca, Gabi, Mangayon, New Alegria, Osmeña, Panansalan, Poblacion, San Miguel, Siocon ug Tamia.  Ako nagpasalamat kay Sir Noel Duarte, atoang MLGOO ug ang bag-ohay nga Provincial Director sa DILG, isip nanguna sa maong programa.

The achievements of our constituents in their own field of art give pride to our municipality as a home of winners and a town of talented Pinoys. I am talking about international and local achievements our citizens have had.

In our recent Bulawan Festival, we bring home the beacon of Garbo Comvalenyo in the person of Ms. Shemayborn Dangculos. Last year, we also bag the Garbo Comvalenyo with Ms. Nikka Remis. Also, our youth in their Hawaiian/Caribbean Presentation was also the Champion in the competition, this year.    

It is amazing to believe that one young Compostelaño is an international awardee. Mr. Breech Asher M. Harani, 23 years young of age, from Green Valley Homes Subdivision in Purok 2, Poblacion is an awardee of film making and photography contests in the world beginning 2014. Atoang makita diha sa screen iyang mga nadawat nga awards sa laing nasud. Akoang giawhag si Mr. Harani sa pagtindog….atong palakpakan!

The 2015 Search for Provincial Agri-Pinoy Organic Rice Farmer was awarded to Globert Dasas from Barangay San Jose. Also the 2015 Search for Provincial Agri-Pinoy Small Animal Raiser under livestock category was conferred to Mrs. Florita Tapuso from Barangay Maparat. Both are nominees in distinct categories in the regional level. 

 While we celebrate the bounty of graces poured upon our municipality and to each Compostelaño, these ongoing projects will all be at your service, hopefully end of this year. 

Ang Bolohaton Settlers Village nga nahimutang sa Barangay Osmeña,  12 ka balay na ang gisugdan pagtukod. Sa maong proyekto, 50 duplex units ang gihatag nga pundo sa National Housing Authority ug kini para sa atong katawhan nga gamay ug panginabuhian, walay balay, ug wala nagdawat sukad ug pabahay gikan sa laing ahensya sa gobyerno. Sa bayronon nga P600.00 kada bulan, pwede na makaangkon ug yuta ug balay ang usa ka pamilya.

Nevertheless, as we are transparent with the resettlement projects implemented, from the 4,122 households that need to be relocated, there are still 1,600 households subject for relocation since they are living in the hazard prone areas. This would mean a demand for more housing projects to cater this population for transfer to safer areas.

Community-based data are important in the developmental planning as we based our programs in the assessment of different sectors in our community. These CBMS data are vital to develop effective planning tools. Our CBMS, as of today is 70% in its completion. Puhon, dali nalang paghatag ug mga project proposals sa nagkadaiyang opisina sa gobyerno tungod andam ug kumpleto na kita ug impormasyon. Also with CBMS, hopefully we can finally resolve our barangay boundary conflict. As a result of our boundary resolution with neighboring municipalities, we now have a municipal land area of 37.71K hectares from the previous land area of 28.7K hectares. This will have a chain effect to our Internal Revenue Allotment or IRA in year 2017.

Also, we are looking forward for the purchase of heavy equipment and for the improvement of public market by constructing additional stalls and other facilities, whenever our application for loan will be approved. The heavy equipment are needed for the fast implementation of infrastructure projects in the barangays.

Karong tuiga aduna na kitay pundo para sa pagtukod ug Comfort Room diha sa Crossing Gabi Public Market ug usab aduna kitay pundo sa pagtukod ug permanent stalls para sa Muslim vendors sa atong main public market.

Karong tuiga aduna pud kitay dugang nga ambulance unit. Mamahimo na nga 3 atoang ambulance unit. Aduna na kitay budget niini karong tuiga. 

Gikan sa calamity fund magpalit kita ug 16 ka generator set (genset) para sa mga barangay. Usab atoang gipahitabo ang training para sa barangay first responders para aduna na kitay tig-responde diha mismo sa matag barangay panahon sa krisis o kalamidad.

Ang atoang Municipal Health Center karong tuiga makadawat ug 2 Million pesos para sa paghuman sa maong building. Ang maong pundo gikan sa Health Facility Enhancement Program sa Department of Health.

In order to address our need for banking services, the Land Bank of the Philippines will open an ATM Booth in our municipality this year, to be situated in our municipal compound.

The locally-funded road concreting projects this year will include major thoroughfares: Bayubay St. Poblacion, Emilio Aguinaldo St. Poblacion, Widening and Concreting of J.P. Laurel and L . S. Sarmiento St. in Poblacion, and Junction of National Highway to Barangay San Miguel.

With our local street lighting program, we will invest for installation of solar posts in strategic areas. This is to guarantee for a safe-LGU by preventing crimes to happen in street corners.

Of course, we give support to the Sangguniang Bayan Members in their objective of office accessibility and service availability by allocating funds for the construction of their individual offices. The SB Office Building is 60% completed as of this date.

This year, we will implement the 20 Million KALAHI-CIDSS Makamasang-Tugon and the BUB Projects in the 16 barangays with a total amount of 42.2 Million pesos. Niaging Biyernes, atoa ng naturn-over ang SALINTUBIG water system project sa barangay San Jose, Mapaca, ug Siocon. Mosunod nga SALINTUBIG water system project ang sa barangay Ngan, Bagongon, Maparat, New Alegria, Osmeña ug Panansalan.  

From the start, I always see to it that our administration is participative and consultative, empowering our communities, has always the objective of public service, has the political will, good legacy for the next generation, and enabling change for the better—-that is a people-centered government. Dili nato makab-ot ang kalambuan kung dili nato apilon sa pagplano ang atong katawhan ug dili nato huna-hunaon ang atong katawhan. We are a government of action who wants more progress and development—not only for the physical or structural development of our municipality but also involving inner growth of our people.  

Ang atong kalampusan napahitabo dili lamang tungod kanako ug sa uban natong political leaders kundili kabahin usab kamo sa atong naangkon nga kalambuan.  To my public service partners from both government and non-government agencies ug sa tibuok katawhan sa Compostela, daghang salamat sa inyong pagsuporta sa atong mga proyekto ug programa.

Dili perpekto ang gobyerno ug maski ako, dili perpekto usab. Usahay aduna kitay madungog nga batikos diha sa daplin-daplin. Apan, ako nagahangyo sa inyong dugang nga pagsalig ug pagsuporta nga unta mapadayon pa nato ang nasugdan na nga kalambuan sa Compostela! Unta atoang agdahon kining pipila nga nabilin sa panun—panun sa kahiusahan alang sa kalambuan. Ang kalambuan sa Compostela dili para kanako o para sa pipila lang, kundili para kanatong tanan. Kita ang makabenepisyo sa kalambuan ug wala nay lain pa.

In the remaining 101 days of my 1st term, and looking forward for another term of service, daghan pa ta ug angay ipadayon nga bolohaton. Daghan pa ang atong angay iplastar para sa mapadayunong kalambuan. Matag usa kanato adunay mamahimong kontribusyon sa kalambuan. Aduna unta kitay igong desisyon sa pagpili kung kinsa ang angayan nga modala nga matinud-anon moserbisyo sa katawhan sa Compostela.

Ipadayon ta…bolohaton sa pagserbisyo kay tungod bolohaton natong tanan ang pagpalambo sa Compostela!

Daghang salamat ug maayong hapon!