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Time? They have lots of it.

Energy? To them, no worries.

Idealism? They are full.

Responsibilities in life? They have but fewer than adults.

Enthusiasm? In many ways, they have.

Roles to play in society? Of course, greater than we think they have.

They are the youth, although some are "youthed", who according to our national hero, Jose Rizal, are "the hope of the land".

They may possessed lesser responsibilities in most of societal affairs yet they represent the lion's share in the fraction of the population. Thus, they need to be involved and should play vital roles in moving our place forward.

No wonder why, they have a day of their own in the 69th Araw ng Compostela and 11th Buganihan Festival.








While we may just see and watch them play, their participation in the founding anniversary's events reflect the values bestowed upon these young people in shaping up what Compostela will be in the future.

Through the lead of Kons Levi Ebdao, the day's affair for these teenage boys and girls was full of fun, excitement, sportsmanship, camaraderie, friendship and hard work.

For the future, they have all the serious cause to chant "Compostela Love Ko...Padayon sa Paglambo".




(Photo credits to Levi Ebdao)







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